Chartering With Kids

Kids Jumping

Chartering with kids is an amazing way for families to enjoy time together, learn new skills, and play! With a crewed charter yacht mom and dad no longer have to worry about the days itinerary, transportation, sailing the yacht, or meals. The experienced crew aboard your yacht will take care of everything while you are on board allowing you to truly savor quality time with your friends and family. Here are a few things to make sure you bring along to enhance the charter experience.

  1. Journal. A journal is a fun way for your kids to be able to draw the fish, animals, the landscape they see each day, and write about their favorite experiences. By everyone getting involved and leaving spaces for photographs, a journal can be a great memento to put in the family scrap book.
  2. UPF sun shirt/rash guard. The sun is hot in the Caribbean and everyone is in and out of the water so often that a sun shirt or rash guard with SPF protection is a great alternative to lathering up with sunscreen every 2 hours.
  3. Toys. I am talking about a small toy that can keep your kids entertained while sailing from place to place. Each yacht will have an assortment of books, games, cards, and music but if there is something your kids specifically enjoy and it is east to travel with bring it along.
  4. Books. If your kids enjoy fish, pirates, clouds, or stars get your kids reading before the trip to get them excited about the trip. Bring along a fish ID book and Treasure Island (Normand Island in the BVI is the real life inspiration for this classic) to read each night after dinner.
  5. Sunglasses. Kids often don’t wear sunglasses at home but in the Caribbean they are important to keep their eyes protected. Additionally, with polarized sunglasses the colors will be enriched allowing them to differentiate between water depth and sea floor makeup.

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